Dirk Van Welden- @QuarkCannon
Project Lead - Programming / Art / Sound

Wim Houben
3D Art

Chris Hanney - @HanneyChris
Gameplay tests, QA, Support, Community & Social channels

Michélé De Feudis
2D Art - micheledefeudis.com

Jelle Van den Audenaeren
3D Art - Texturing

Glowfish Interactive - @GlowfishInt Code that brought the mothership to life!

Tim Schokkaert Server-side genius

Jeroen Vertriest
Art & Programming

Allan Kekenbosh
2D & 3D Art

Pajama Llama Games @_PajamaLlama Art, achievement graphics

Kert Gartner - @KertGartner Trailer maker extraordinaire

Jens Blaute
Music by James Marvel - https://soundcloud.com/j-marvel

Mitchell Nordine

Sound effects

Big thanks to:

Ann Van Nuffel, Noja & Agon.

Chet Faliszek - Matt Nickerson - Augusta Butlin - Vince Xarya and all the other awesome people at Valve.

FreeSound.org community: Vartioh - jaraxe - roper1911 - javierzumer - bird-man - daveofdefeat2248

All of our awesome stress testers Ron Carmel, Colin Northway, Justin Roiland, ...

*Thank you so much to the amazing VR development community!

...And of course all of our friends and families because that had to hear us talking about this project non-stop.