Space Pirate Trainer Commercial Licence Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for the commercial use of the I-Illusions game, Space Pirate Trainer. I-Illusions reserves the right to update these terms at any time, though we really prefer to make video games instead of writing legal prose.

If you have any questions regarding the terms, please contact us via the contact form on this website.

Happy Space Pirate Training!

Validity of license

A commercial licence is required for any non personal use of Space Pirate Trainer, unless otherwise permitted in writing by I-Illusions.

Commercial licences for Space Pirate Trainer are available from I-Illusions and sold on the provision that each licence is to be installed on one computer, and to be played by one VR system at a time.

Duration of license

Licenses are sold on a monthly or annual reoccurring basis. This means that at the end of the purchase period, being one month or one year, the licence will auto-renew unless requested by the customer.

The licence validity period (monthly or annual) begins immediately after the transaction.

Software Support & Updates

I-Illusions is not obligated to provide support for your use of Space Pirate Trainer, though you are free to contact them for support when you need it. We're pretty busy, but we love our customers remaining happy customers! 

You agree that I-Illusions may automatically update Space Pirate Trainer (via Steam, for example) without any forward notice. Major feature updates will most likely be communicated via the Steam News service shortly after the update is pushed live. 

Termination of license

Should the customer wish to terminate one or more commercial licence(s), the licence(s) will be revoked by I-Illusions and Space Pirate Trainer should be immediately removed from the installed machine(s).

Upon termination of the license it is mandatory that you remove Space Pirate Trainer from the installed computers. A terminated commercial license will lead to the revoking of the Steam store product key.

I-Illusions reserves the right to terminate the license agreement at any time with or without notice.

Hardware limitations

Space Pirate Trainer commercial licences are only valid using the HTC Vive with HTC Vive controllers, running Steam with SteamVR.

No other peripherals or HMDs are currently supported by the commercial licence.

Space Pirate Trainer should be played at least to the minimum specifications of hardware, and room size, as specified on Steam (

Liability of use

I-Illusions is not responsible for any silliness, tom-foolery, physical harm, or equipment damage that may result from playing Space Pirate Trainer or use of associated hardware and equipment. Play safe, and make sure new players are aware of their physical space and VR equipment. 

Delivery with Steam

Space Pirate Trainer will be made available to you through the digital distribution platform Steam, which is owned by the Valve Corporation. You will need a separate Steam account to activate each of your licenses. Your use of Space Pirate Trainer will be also subject to the Terms of Service of Steam. I-Illusions does not represent Steam or Valve - we're just offering a kick ass Space Pirate game.

For each Space Pirate Trainer commercial license that purchased, you will be supplied with a Steam key. We ask you to keep note of which Space Pirate Trainer Steam key is associated to which Steam account. When requested, you are required to supply I-Illusions with each Steam account username that is associated with each Space Pirate Trainer Steam key.